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for the no-capital-p poet in each of us

We welcome with open arms new and first time poets and readers

Readings on the fourth Wednesday of each month

From 7-9 PM (PST)


Leopoldo Seguel

2015-16 Readings

Our poetrybridge community is known for our attentive and appreciative listening and our welcoming of new readers especially first time readers. We welcome all poets and storytellers but especially open our arms and ears to those who either live, work or play in West Seattle.

April 27 Reading

For the April reading, we welcome back Carrie Gilstrap-Nettle and Arleen Williams as our featured readers. I anticipate they will bring a mix of stories and poetry, a combination which is always music to my ears.  SEE BIOS for more information.

As is our custom, after the featured readers, we will take a short break before we start COMMUNITY MIC which for me is often a highlight of the spoken work evening.

At the March reading, I was 'blown away' with the breadth and depth of our readings and the energy in the room. Our featured readers, Larry Crist and Christine Clarke started the wild slide to magic. As I listened to Christine I started looking at the world from different vantage points even from a molecular perspective. Larry read his 21 minute tour de force, TV, which premiered at Zippy's in Everett  and performed (I think that is a fair description) again at poetrybridge which reminded me of accounts of Allen Ginsberg's first reading of Howl in San Francisco back in the day.  

After a short break, a bevy of poets and musicians captivated the room, The range of styles and views and voices and ‘peopleness’ was rich and textured. A poem read as of if the words were written in the air, a young first time reader who stood on a chair to read her poem (twice at my urging), a searing look at the Seattle Council's response to gay bashing in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, a father and son guitar duet of Beatle and Love songs, tributes to loved ones gone and a sharp and loving look at fishing as metaphor for finding the 'right' person are some of the highlights for me. Actually any one of the readers would have been worth the price of admission (admission meaning showing up and tuning in) but taken together was like a lush Thanksgiving feast except I didn't have that heavy feeling afterwards.  

I am amazed that the turnout and energy has been so great recently and as I said last night, I am doubling down on art this year, which includes a vow to attend (and hopefully read) at each of the multitude of poetry readings going on in the greater Seattle area over the next year.  I will let you know what I am finding out.

All in all a wonderful evening ably hosted by Avery, our "be here now" barista who is not only welcoming and thoughtful but also makes a darn good cup of coffee and pours, (I hear) a mean glass of wine.

Here’s hoping our turnout will be every bit as robust as the past two months.. See you then!

(Portions of the above were contained in an email to the poetrybridge community after the March reading.)

Poetry Pole

The poetrypole, shown here bristling with poems, is located in the garden backyard of C&P Coffee and is always open to post your poems 24 hours a day, seven days a week and available for all to read even at midnight by flashlight or a full moon. Post your poem and you will be rewarded!

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