poetry everywhere by everyone.

for the no-capital-p poet in each of us

We welcome with open arms new and first time poets and readers

Readings on the fourth Wednesday of each month

From 7-9 PM (PST)


Leopoldo Seguel

2016-17 Readings

Our poetrybridge community is known for our attentive and appreciative listening and our welcoming of new readers especially first time readers. We welcome all poets and storytellers but especially open our arms and ears to those who either live, work or play in West Seattle.

January 25 Reading

Our January reading of the 2016-17 poetry season features Janet Yoder, a frequent reader at poetrybridge who constantly inspires me leaving me wanting to hear more and David Fewster who read at community mic last year and whose evocative poetry seemed a perfect fit for my goal to feature new voices this year. I am excited to start the New Year with their voices ringing in my ears.

The January reading will mark the completion of 7 years of readings which says a lot about our community’s sustained interest in poetry and storytelling.  I hope you join us.

Please SEE BIOS for more information.

As is our custom, after the featured readers, we will take a short break before we start COMMUNITY MIC, which for me, is often a highlight of a robust evening of the spoken word. I look forward to hearing many of you read at community mic.


Poetry Pole

The poetrypole, shown here bristling with poems, is located in the garden backyard of C&P Coffee and is always open to post your poems 24 hours a day, seven days a week and available for all to read even at midnight by flashlight or a full moon. Post your poem and you will be rewarded!

You can download the above promotional poster which is linked to a JPG file by right clicking it and downloading the linked file. Please distribute using social media or print and post in your favorite hangout.Welcome_files/March%202015%20letter%20OL.jpg